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Rocky Acosta is your average fun and family loving San Diegian. He knows that no matter what you are into, sports, school, work, hobbies, gaming or just hanging out with those that make you smile.....Frozen Yogurt with your favorite toppings is always Heavenly! When given the opportunity, he knew he wanted to "Treat" the world. 


Our owners believe that “this is the perfect business for young adults to get their start in the workforce.  We love that they will always remember Heavenly Yogurt as one of the first places they have worked." We train our team to be hard working, knowledgable, and focused on customer service with a smile. If you are interested in working at Heavenly Yogurt, please complete the application and email it along with your resume to


We support our community by holding fundraisers in our store for different organizations such as local schools, sports teams, and non- profit organizations. If you are interested in holding a fundraiser, please email us at Look out for opportunites to partipate with us in support of our causes!

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